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Yes, you have read it right!! Kartik, one of the game developers of The Art Of Cricket game, have exclusively given an interview to Cricket Games Review blog. There is a lot of talking of this game from the past 4 years.Sometimes it’s positive and sometimes it’s negative but the developers of TAOC have stunned the crowd and made the negative people silent by releasing a brilliant Alpha 0.1 release of this game.


The Alpha 0.1 was release with minimum of gameplay and no AI involved in it. It came with two superb actions of Brett Lee & Shane Warne in bowling and the batting style of Sachin Tendulkar was perfectly animated and modeled into the game.The expectations have rose after the Alpha 0.1 release and the DEV are ready to fulfill those expectations.

Here’s the Question Cricket Games Review Asked

Q1) How has the response been so far for Alpha 0.1?

Fantastic! couldn’t have hoped for better.
we were expecting people to flame us but were quite taken aback with the response.

Q2) Seeing the response has the pressure increased or released for the next upcoming releases?
Bit of both actually. We are immensely happy about finally releasing something so that people can see our potential and finally got that monkey off our back.
But at the same time, theres pressure on us to make sure we UP the quality of the game with every release.

Q3) You stay in India & the other game developer stays in Australia how do you guys manage the time zones and how do you co-ordinate things up?
Through Love letters. 
Lol! e-mails obviously. the time zones are not THAT bad to be honest. its only a 5.30 hour difference. 

Q4) Alpha 0.2 Announced!! How exciting are you for it’s release of it & completion of the work?

Very Excited! we now know, we are headed in the right direction.

Q5) What are your goals for Alpha 0.2?

– Make the experience more enjoyable
– Less complaints of bugs.
– Not rushing for a release like last time.

Q6) How happy are you to make this progress from Alpha 0.1 to Alpha 0.2 smoothly?

–> As mentioned before, its vital to plan the releases so as to find the right balance between Development time and frequency of releases.

The game Dev’s are really excited and much more focused on this game and have released list of features that are going to be add up for the Alpha 0.2 release. The list were first announced on PlanetCricket website – Leading Cricketing Forums In World


Here are the list of features added up for Alpha 0.2 release.

– Quit : YES or NO dialog box.

– Separate Set of Controls for laptop users.

– Mishits and edges.– Left handed Batsman and bowlers.

– Backfoot defensive and attacking shots.

– Revised Brett Lee Run-up, Action and Follow through.

– Dale Steyn– Zaheer Khan– Harbhajan Singh Animations Added

– Improved Sounds / Audio.


Those features do look promising and it will be great to see the Alpha 0.2 release. Also with many bugs being discovered during the Alpha 0.1 release the TAOC team have fixed good number of those. Here are the list of bugs that have been fixed from the 0.1 release.


– Frame rate issues which alters the physics.

– hitting space after ball delivered re-does the bowler anims and moves him forward – batting stroke played with arrow in rear of wicket direction

– no animation is played and ball flies off in odd direction

– bowling falls short of cursor

– ground friction issues

– some shot paths are almost identical

– Unusable FPS frame drop when free came behind wicket keeper

– length balls bouncing too much.

– batting cursor being displayed too late.

– spinner bowling a flighted delivery, with the pointer just behind the stumps. The batsman just cannot connect because the ball is too high for him.

– Ball travels a little too far even when it hits the pads.


In the end the TAOC developers would like to thank all the Alpha 0.1 testers for their brilliant response and great feedback.

From the Cricket Games Review side good luck to the game developers.


Thank You

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Well, this game was first officially announced & launched on the website Planet Cricket. The game was called World Cup Cricket 2011 but now is officially called as Hero Honda Kricket Ka Karizma. With Hero Honda approaching the game company Synqua, the game is now world cup game which has a contest running side by side where winner will be allowed to take a victory lap on the ground of the finals.



The video of this game can be seen and it’s now also seen on television sets. The Original Game Video is here



This game is available in Blackberry Application World, OVI for Nokia, Airtel App World & Andriod Market. This game can also be played on PC by visiting their official website Synqua Games



Wide range of shot selection enables this game to be one of the best available games of cricket for mobile users. The graphic details are high quality and this game is really addictive. So when next time you are getting bored, download this game from it’s respective app world and play.



The PC version requires Java downloaded and then you can play the game.


Screenshots of PC Version






Ratings & Pricing

Price – For India Users It’s Free Of Cost & For Out Of India User’s It Will Cost You.

Graphic Rating – Being a mobile game, it’s high quality detailing  – 7/10

Portability – (How Easy It Is To Play On Phone) – 9/10


Download Links (Official & Non Pirated Links)


To Play On PC – Synqua Games visit the official company website link

To Play On BlackBerry – Blackberry App World

To Play On Nokia – OVI Store

For Those Out Side India – OVI Store


A Special Note – It’s worth it’s value for Non Indian residents


In the era of 3D games and High graphics comes a 2D game which at first don’t give users a good impression. I have been in good and constant touch with the maker of this game Kurt and he is doing a magnificent job in keeping this game interesting and adding all the latest technology.

This game comes with Exhibition mode to Series creation and Tournament Creation. The graphics currently would be rated 6 out of 10 due to it being a 2D game but the effort & the simulation engine is really some thing great to see. Cricket Heroes creator & developer Kurt has said with the Beta Testing in progress the game will see it self changing from 2D to 3D.

This game can be played in 3 Modes –

  1. Management Mode where you just manage the teams
  2. Keyboard Mode where you can play the game with the help of Keyboard
  3. Mouse Mode

The features that make this game playable and addictive are

  1. Feature of UDRS system implemented in it
  2. Good simulation engine
  3. Plenty of teams to play with including IPL Teams that are going to be added in few time
  4. Fully implemented Domestic structure of Australia & South Africa and many more to come.
  5. The Australia Domestic structure comes with split innings which is the latest inclusion in the Australian Domestic structure.

The menu graphics and scorecard graphics are pretty decent which is made by Meet a graphic maker on Planet Cricket. Hedger, another member on Planet Cricket has really been helpful in the progress of this game with him responsible in creation of various domestic & international teams.

There are wide range of umpires that you can select during the exhibition mode. The better the umpire you select the less DRS decions will be taken. All stadiums of each and every country including Zimbabwe are present in the game. This gives user a good variety of stadiums to select from and play at. Judging their progress so far this game surely has the potential to reach new heights.

Here are some screenshots & video of this game.


This game is exclusively available on Planet Cricket and those who want to help in trial version of beta testing can join that website and download the official version from that website. Here is the thread link


Cricket Games Review Ratings


Graphic – (Being 2D) 6/10

Simulation Engine (Based On Beta Testing) – 8/10

Features In The Game (Based On Beta Testing) – 8/10


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My Impression & Review About The Art Of Cricket Alpha Release 0.1
















The game is fantastically build on good Alpha release graphics. The stadium looks pretty realistic, the ball, the players (Batsman + Bowlers) are good looking model.What really impressed me is the bowling action of Brett Lee & Shane Warne are totally same. Great work on that thing Kartik & Legend_Master.(In alphabetical order too it’s JK LM )Now, batting is difficult as we have to control both the features. Ball trajectory feature is pretty good and bug free.  Bowling is pretty good and Inswingers and out swingers are quite realistic not like fake Cricket 07 KUDOS for that.

Great Work

CGR’s expectations and things we would love to see in Alpha 0.2

Take your time first of all!! But introduce the AI and keep the Batting & Bowling different!!

Nothing other then that Keep up the good work TOAC Developers.

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Gamebience after a 5 year back announcement of releasing a cricket game, finally came out with good information regarding the this game called Cricket Life.

Cricket Life will be out in 3 editions

  1. Cricket Life 1
  2. Cricket Life Express
  3. Cricket Life Ultimate

The makers of Cricket Life, Gamebience have been in constant touch with their cricket gaming fans through Facebook,Twitter and the best cricketing forums on internet Planet Cricket.

There were plenty of question asked by the people of Planet Cricket which could be viewed by visiting the link Here at Planet Cricket.

The 3 editions seems to be pretty confusing and to know more here it is,


The previously-marketed CL game (with all those originally planned

features) will now be marketed as two distinct editions, mainly due to

licensing flexibilities and due to marketing sensibility:

i. Cricket Life: Express: This will be marketed as a regular 3D Cricket

action game by controlling the entire team. Our primary focus is to bring

out a fully licensed cricket game. We are unable to merge this 3D-playing

functionality with Cricket Life 1 as there are many restrictions that are

not feasible currently. For instance, if we were to feature licensed

players in the CL game, we are required to restrict in-game brand

endorsements for those players based on the players’ real-life licensing

commitments. However, in-game, we may have fictional brands that do not

necessarily exist in real life and/or real brands that do exist. A player

who endorses Coca Cola in real-life for 2 years, may in fact have an option

to endorse Pepsi after the contract expires. But as per the restrictions

being put in front of us currently, we cannot associate any player with a

rival brand at any point of time in the game. This means, no endorsement of

Pepsi even in 2018 as it will be in conflict in real-life. Obviously, there

are alternative solutions that we are working on in order to include 3D

gameplay in CL Ultimate.

ii. Cricket Life X: Just a regular edition of Cricket Life. Management

aspect, no 3D on-field Gameplay. But all other 3D aspects will be

available. This includes press conferences, 3D player representation,

awards and other stuff. This will keep the focus on managing the player’s

life. Matches can be played using alternate-gameplay technique.

iii. Cricket Life: Ultimate – 3D on-field Gameplay (controlling an

individual career player on the field) + Cricket Life Management features.

This is the originally planned Cricket Life 1. In all probability, CL

Express will be first released before the Ultimate edition. Meanwhile, we

will be solving the problem of representing licensed stadia and players in

the Ultimate edition, while retaining the essence of Cricket Life

management. If that’s not possible, then we will have to use fictitious

players and rely on game communities to create mods to replace fictitious

players with real ones. (Hint: This should be easy. After all, all CL

editions including CL Express, use the same engine!)

iv. And then, there’s Cricket Life Social mentioned at the end of the

page. As it is under early development phase, there’s no new point to add

apart from what’s already mentioned on the website. It’s a completely new

game with new concept and game-play.

More information could be seen on their official website Gamebience.

Also, the followers of this blog have a special advantage of posting their questions and your questions will be answered by Gamebience itself.Thank You and hope that this game will be good enough it’s wait of 5 and a half years.